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SINGHADEMI is one of the sub-sectors under KEK Singhasari which is engaged in non-formal education. Departing from awareness of the gap in expertise produced by formal educational institutions with industry needs, which results in a lack of supply of talent in accordance with the requirements of the industrial world. Lokademi takes on the role of a partner in vocational education institutions in aligning, optimizing processes to certifying outputs. Apart from that, singademy also play a role in the process of accelerating each talent across majors and levels of education to be able to deepen certain disciplines.

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Singhademi’s mission is to bridge the divide between formal education and industry requirements by offering top-notch non-formal education. We are dedicated to partnering with vocational education institutions to optimize the educational process and ensure a skilled workforce that meets the demands of various industries. Our programs aim to nurture talent across disciplines and educational levels, while also providing accredited certifications to authenticate educational achievements. Our ultimate objective is to empower individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an ever-evolving industry.

Our Programs on SINGHADEMI

Singhademi, under KEK Singhasari, offers a variety of comprehensive programs in the field of non-formal education. The aim of Singhademi is to address the gap between formal education and industry needs by providing talent that aligns with the requirements of the industrial world. Here are the programs offered by Singhademi:



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