Company Overview

About Lokademi

Lokademi is an online education platform in the field of Animation that provides courses, seminars, and bootcamp programs to improve skills and knowledge in various fields. With expert instructors and a structured curriculum, Lokademi aims to provide an interactive and quality learning experience to participants. Through this platform, participants can access learning materials, participate in discussions, and earn certificates in recognition of their success in completing the program.

The vision of Lokademi is to become a leading online education platform that provides accessibility and high-quality learning to everyone, anywhere. We are committed to helping individuals develop skills and knowledge that are relevant to the ever-evolving job market, enabling them to reach their full potential and contribute positively to society. We strive to be a reliable partner for learners on their journey towards achieving personal success and growth.

Our Strategic Partner

Lokademi collaborates with companies and educational institutions to enhance the quality of learning by providing easily digestible learning materials.

Our Team

We are supported by exceptional resources to assist in the development process. With a team comprised of education experts, instructional designers, content developers, and IT professionals.

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