DDS (Desain Digital Singhasari)

Global Certification Institution with DDS

Desain Digital Singhasari (DDS) is a proven professional certification institution that is competent, creative, innovative, collaborative, and globally competitive. We are dedicated to supporting the growth of the digital creative industry ecosystem in Indonesia. Our carefully designed certification programs reflect the current needs and developments in the digital creative industry. With an innovative and collaborative approach, we encourage professionals in the field of visual communication design and animation to continually develop their skills, adopt cutting-edge technologies, and meet global standards in industry practices.

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We are proud to announce that we have conducted competency certification for workforce in the communication sector, particularly in the field of visual communication design and animation. We remain committed to maintaining and ensuring the quality of the certification process in accordance with applicable standards, while continuously enhancing the development of innovation needed by the industry. Furthermore, we have established the competency of human resources through professional certification procedures in the field of visual communication design and animation. We are actively fostering professional and collaborative partnerships with stakeholders across the pentahelix to advance the digital creative industry in Indonesia.

Our Programs on DDS

Our program at Desain Digital Singhasari (DDS) offers a wide range of comprehensive courses and certifications in the field of digital design. We provide specialized training in areas such as graphic design, web design, animation, and multimedia production. Our programs are meticulously designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic digital creative industry. Here are some of the programs we have developed:




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